Tečaji na področjih upravljanja z barvami in barvno tehnologijo

Prvi program na svetu, ki je namenjen kompleksnemu področju upravljanja z barvami (color design and color technology) je sedaj na voljo v obliki krajših tečajev v angleškem jeziku. Opis vseh programov je objavljen spodaj.
Povezava: http://www.polidesign.net/en/colordesign 
Duration: 40 hours
Lessons: 22nd September 2014 - 10th October 2014
Enrollment fee: 390,00 € + IVA (22%)
Teachers: Stefania Perenich, Francesca Valan
The aim of this workshop module is to furnish a methodology to design through the simulation of a CMF project of a real product. The participants will go through all of the methodical phases needed for the definition of the identity of the product:- study of the market (position, competitors…),- study and definition of the target,- study of cmf trends in the sector- creation of cmf scenarios (colour, materials, finishes)
The workshop module will continue with the proposal phase: the design of colours, materials and finishes to apply to the collection. The final output for the presentation will be realized with the cooperation of companies that operate in the field which could furnish products such as paints, samples of plastics and other materials, which will help the participants acquire professional skills. The projects, if possible, will be tested on sample products.
Duration: 40 hours
Lessons: 1th September 2014 - 19th September 2014
Enrollment fee: 390,00 € + IVA (22%)
Teachers: Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, Aldo Maria Faleri, Lorenzo Morganti, Roberto Muscinelli
The workshop module will be dedicated to analyzing the possibilities of application of a new colour design in the creation of innovative retail spaces that may ensure a harmonious relationship with brand values and corporate identity. You will experience different approaches to retail design, proposing a new type of commercial space (permanent or temporary) where colour shall be an integral part of the experience design, by assonance, identity, or by contrast. Similarly, you will develop the themes of material and colour treatment of outer surfaces getting to know their relationship with the interior design and the issues of historic preservation.
Duration: 40 hours
Lessons: 13th October 2014 - 31st October 2014
Enrollment fee: 390,00 € + IVA (22%)
Teachers: Giulio Bertagna, Aldo Bottoli
The lecture is going to address the close relationship between the color in urban spaces and the meanings of the human relationships that take place within it. It’s going to highlight the role of the chromatic and perception project to improve urban identity, a sense of citizenship and the relationship among different roles. Four cores of this lecture are going to analyze aspects related to the perceptual phenomena into the urban spaces, providing the theoretical basis and tools for a procedural praxis with the support of images, cognitive maps and case histories. The lecture will focus on the aesthetic upgrading of buildings in modern construction, to solve their visual impact. It will underline preliminary analysis to study the volumes and the areas of visual noise of the building, in order to design the appropriate collocations of colored backgrounds, modifying the visual and perceptive reading of its surfaces.
Duration: 40 hours
Lessons: 7th July 2014 - 25th July 2014
Enrollment fee: 390,00 € + IVA (22%)
Teachers: Nello Marelli, Renata Pompas
Identify and create the “fashionable colours”, define their aesthetic and social features related to situation of use and function, and their technical characteristics. Build and create a "colour palette" with different colours, according to a methodology comprised of few rules, distributed in a logical sequence. In this workshop module, the tutorial will be related to a fantasy textile decor with more colours, but this method could be applied to any surface.
Duration: 40 hours
Lessons: 16th June 2014 - 4th July 2014
Enrollment fee: 390,00 € + IVA (22%)
Teachers: Elena Caratti, Elisabetta Del Zoppo
 “All possible images can be divided into two large classes: representational images and abstract images. [...] Sometimes the distinctions tend to melt away, generating images that are both representational and not representational in certain proportions.“(Massironi, 2002).
The contribute of Elena Caratti starts from Massironi's taxonomy of visual configurations to examine the different role of color in the graphic design project: the color as element of distinction, the color for the visualization of quantitative aspects, the color as syntactic code. These considerations will be deepened through some case studies and some practical exercises that will constitute the fundamentals for the final project development. The creation and development of a brand begin from visual identity, which along with its connotative symbols – name, brand, logo, lettering, packaging, and communication – ensures that the company and its success are recognized. This is a kind of strategy that emphasizes the role of the key player. The contribution of Elisabetta Del Zoppo will focus on the perceptions, reminiscences, and persuasive aspects of the chromatic language that construct the company’s visual identity along with the use of colour that is emblematic in some case studies that will be analyzed. This analysis will be followed by micro-activities aimed at possible meaning reversals or shifts led by colour and by identifying the appropriate chromatic codes.
Duration: 24 hours
Lessons: 28th May 2014 - 30th May 2014
Enrollment fee: 500,00 € + IVA (22%)
Teachers: Anna Berolo, Cristian Bonanomi, Davide Gadia, Raimondo Schettini
With the diffusion of new technologies, more and more aspects of communication and color reproduction are becoming digital. In this course we will provide the theoretical and practical fundamentals for manage, view and reproduce the digital color applied to different media. The module aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the processing chain and digital color reproduction (from scanner to camera to printer), with particular attention to the limitations and problems associated with the use of different devices and color profiles.
Duration: 24 hours
Lessons: 2nd April 2014 - 9th May 2014
Enrollment fee: 500,00 € + IVA (22%)
Teachers: Claudio Oleari, Nicola Ludwig
This course is dedicated to the color physics, optic and measurement fundamentals. Although the color is a subjective characteristic, colorimetry allows to measure, standardize, communicate and represent in an accurate way the color of a surface or a light source. We will present the theoretical basis of perception and colorimetry, the photometric and radiometric measures, different color spaces and methods to calculate color differences.
Duration: 24 hours
Lessons: 4th April 2014 - 17th April 2014
Enrollment fee: 500,00 € + IVA (22%)
Teachers: Alessandro Rizzi, Francesca Valan, Anna Berolo
Color can be selected, represented and communicated through atlases and color systems. To the participant will be presented the main systems in use among scientists, artists and industry professionals: Munsell, Pantone, NCS, RAL, etc. In this module will be learnt the essential technical skills that are the basis of the color designer, whatever the application areas on which it will choose to specialize in the future. Knowing the characteristics of the different systems allows choosing and using them correctly according to different design areas: architecture and design, from fashion to graphic design. The color systems used appropriately become the design tools to visualize, optimize and plan the use of color by maps, matrices, and color charts.
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